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Stop Smoking Hypnosis

For many people who have tried various methods to stop smoking, hypnosis is the only technique which has been effective. Research has shown hypnotherapy to have one of the highest success rates of all smoking cessation techniques. There are several reasons why this should be the case, but put very simply hypnosis can alter a person's way of viewing their addiction to nicotine, which will in turn alter their patterns of behavior.

Stop Smoking HypnosisStop Smoking Hypnosis

When a person stops smoking they will suffer a few days of withdrawal symptoms as their body craves the nicotine which is rapidly departing their system. These cravings are temporary, and once there is no trace of nicotine left there is no physiological reason why somebody should ever feel the need to smoke again. The reason why so many people return to smoking after previously quitting is that their behavior has become conditioned.

Smoking is considered to be a habit because it involves regimented patterns of behavior. Some people will have a cigarette every time they drink a cup of coffee, for example. This correlation remains even after people have successfully stopped smoking, meaning that the urge returns every time a cup of coffee is drunk.

It is due to this conditioning that as a method to stop smoking hypnosis is so effective. When people are in the relaxed state brought about by hypnosis their subconscious mind is much more open to suggestion. Professional hypnotherapists can use this to plant affirmations about how nicotine is unnecessary and holds no power. By doing so they can alter a person's perception of their dependence on cigarettes, and therefore their reaction when confronted by a stimulus such as a cup of coffee.

Stop Smoking Aids

One of the most effective stop smoking aids is to alter a person's emotional response to smoking. This is an area in which neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is particularly useful. This technique takes a motivational approach to inspire a smoker to imagine what their life would be like if they stopped. They can then use thoughts of being healthier and having more money as incentives to stop smoking permanently. Of all the methods to stop smoking NLP combined with hypnosis is one of the most powerful.

A person may require several sessions with a hypnotherapist before they feel that they would never want to smoke again. Often a hypnotherapist will reinforce what has been achieved in these sessions with material which can be studied at home. These will usually take the form of a CD or a DVD. Some people decide to practise self hypnosis with resources downloaded online. Some websites provide materials such as stop smoking hypnosis scripts, audio files, and videos. These can be used by anybody who wishes to take control of their addiction to nicotine using hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been proven to be an effective technique used in smoking cessation, and is growing in popularity. By focusing on the emotional and behavioral aspects of nicotine addiction it has a much wider and longer lasting influence than simply removing nicotine from the body. As a result, for anybody who is determined to stop smoking hypnosis appears to be the most effective method.