Hypnosis Orgasm - Female Sexual Satisfaction Enhanced

Hypnosis-OrgasmA Hypnosis Orgasm will dispel the common myth that some women are simply unable to reach a sexual climax, otherwise known as an orgasm. As with all popular myths, belief in the story is often the predominant factor in making it seem true. For some women, orgasms are an impossible dream, but in reality, the dream like realm holds the key to sexual empowerment.

In spite of the progress that has been made in cultural acceptance of women as sexual beings, the stigma that women should remain bereft of intimate longings has persisted. Compounded with social pressures, anxiety and stress, many women are simply unable to discover the emotional state that allows for the freedom of release through climax.

What is a Hypnosis Orgasm?

Changing the way a woman relates to sexual engagements means allowing the unconscious mind to assert itself and promote the natural urges of the body. Hypnotic therapy has been used successfully to help women achieve a more comfortable and gratifying plateau, which leads to sexual climax or a hypnosis orgasm. Learn how here.

The subconscious mind is not restricted to traditional standards, nor is it limited to conformity. It is this area of the mind that dreams come from. It's also the lower layers of the mind where natural instincts, intuition and the basic cognitive processes take over. This is an elemental factor that makes hypnotic orgasm possible.

The rudimentary biological reason that men ejaculate, is to release sperm for the purpose of procreation. The basic reproductive function of women is much the same. Nature intended for women to have children, and women orgasms are a natural part of that process.

A woman's orgasm actually has a vacuum effect. Intensive studies conducted by European researchers in the 1990's concluded that women orgasms that occurred about one minute before male ejaculation and even up to 45 minutes after their partner climaxed, greatly increased the ability to conceive.

This is because the natural muscle contractions that occur when women climax, pull the sperm out of the vaginal canal and closer to the cervix. Climax also releases endorphins, which leave the woman feeling content, relaxed and often drowsy. Therefore, she is much more likely to remain relatively still after intercourse, allowing the sperm to make their way further into the cervical region.

In spite of conscious apprehension that prevents many women from reaching a climax during sex, the subconscious mind, the core and basic impulses, recognize and respond to the natural need for women orgasms. Using hypnosis to free these natural impulses is what makes hypnosis orgasm so successful.

Hypnosis can be used as part of ongoing therapy, where a hypnotherapist may use positive suggestions which will allow a woman to relax and engage during the act of intercourse. Over time, the stigmas or negative feelings associated with sex are dissolved, allowing the woman to easily reach climax. Other women learn self hypnosis, to help the mind relax and focus for a more enjoyable experience.

Use these Hypnosis Techniques to Improve Your Sexual Relations

Hypnosis is basically the ability to blur the conscious area of the mind and allow the underlying subconscious to respond according to its natural and emotional instincts. Reaching this level can be achieved through hypnotic suggestion, where a trigger word or action induces the hypnotic state. However, self hypnosis orgasm is more effective, since it endows the woman with the ability to achieve sexual gratification either with or without a partner.

To achieve a self hypnosis orgasm, a woman learns to centre her thoughts and remove all negative associations. The intimacy of sexual relationships stimulates the emotional responders of the mind, which, when allowed to run free, lead to women orgasms. This organic, responsive approach makes self hypnosis orgasm an safe, chemical free solution.

So hypnosis can help achieve orgasm. Learn how here.