Learn Hypnosis Techniques - How To Hypnotise Someone

How To Hypnotise Someone

Knowing how to hypnotise someone can be a very useful skill to have. It has often been used for entertainment purposes, with stage hypnotists putting people in a trance in order to get them to behave in strange and amusing ways. Hypnosis, or more accurately hypnotherapy, has also been used widely in the field of medicine, for example in treating stress and anxiety, weight loss, and as a tool to help people to stop smoking.

Hypnosis can be thought of as a mental state of extreme relaxation, which is triggered by a technique known as hypnotic induction. When somebody is in this relaxed state they are more open to receiving suggestions and instructions than they would be if they were completely alert. The skills required in knowing how to hypnotise someone can be used for a variety of purposes, and can even be used for self hypnosis.

There are several different techniques involved in hypnotizing someone. The simplest is to have them sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Prior to the hypnosis starting it should be explained to them that the procedure is safe, and that they will remain conscious throughout. People often have misconceptions about hypnosis, largely due to the stage shows previously mentioned, and do not realize that it is a perfectly natural state of mind.

By having somebody sit in a comfortable position and putting them at ease about the situation the process of hypnosis will already have begun. They should be asked to close their eyes, as this will help with the relaxation. They can then be asked to begin taking deep breaths in and out. The tone of voice used should be calm, controlled and quiet.

At this point the person can be asked to focus on particular parts of their body, and to feel their muscles becoming loose and at ease. Some hypnotists ask their subjects to imagine a warm glow relaxing them, beginning at their feet and slowly moving up to their head. Regardless of the exact method, a person should feel their entire body become extremely relaxed.

Some people are harder to hypnotise than others, and this process will have to be repeated several times. The person's relaxation must constantly be reinforced with positive and encouraging comments. At this point they should be in a deep state of relaxation, which is when suggestion can be used for particular problems, such as a phobia or an inability to quit smoking. The process is finished by slowly bringing the person out of their hypnotic state, usually by counting back from five and explaining that they will feel fully refreshed, and that they will remember everything that has happened.

Knowing how to hypnotise yourself is a very similar process, and can be thought of as being like meditation. If the self hypnosis is being performed for a particular reason, for example to help with quitting smoking, then a recording will often be played in the background to offer suggestions and positive reinforcement.

There are more advanced hypnotism techniques, for example it is possible to learn how to hypnotise someone without them knowing. This involves interrupting an expected pattern to introduce instant hypnosis into the subconscious mind. An example would be shaking someone's hand, and breaking the expected behaviour by issuing the instruction to sleep. Knowing how to hypnotise someone instantly is a difficult skill to master, and takes a lot of practise and confidence.

In fact, all hypnotism methods require practise in order to be most effective. It will result in a hypnotist being regarded as highly skilled. The process will become quicker, and knowing how to hypnotise someone quickly is an important skill to have.

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